Welcome to Hamza Farm!

At Hamza Farm we carry a wide variety of livestock including cows, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and pigeons. All animals are grain and grass fed high quality ready to be prepared for our customers to lead a healthier life style.

We always hand-slaughter the animals with the name of God Almighty to achieve the zabiha status that makes the meat consumed halal and most beneficial to the human body. Our facility is federally inspected and certified for business.

Our goal is to serve our customers with complete satisfaction, as we custom prepare their meat according to their needs. We serve individuals as well as businesses on a daily basis with long convenient hours.

At Hamza Farm, we cater to all of your special occasions that require sacrificial zabiha halal meat such as Eid Azha (feast of sacrifice), aquiqa (sacrificing for new born baby) and other events.

We have a place for petting and feeding the friendly animals and a picnic area for your enjoyment. Come visit Hamza Farm with your family and enjoy your time while we prepare your meat.