Our Services

At Hamza Farm we care about the satisfaction of our customers, and this is why we offer a wide variety of livestock for you to choose from. We will hand-slaughter each animal with care according to zabiha rules.

If you are looking to buy only one chicken or many cows we can handle your order as we cater to both families and businesses.

If you have a special occasion, don't sweat it, just call us and we will handle your order according to your needs. At Hamza Farm we are experienced at preparing the following zabiha meat and more:

Eid Azha Qurbani (sacrifice):

Come choose a healthy, good looking animal to be sacrificed in the way of the God, or call us and we will choose one for you.


Call us or stop by to get your aquiqa animal for the protection of that new baby in your family.

Sadqua (charity):

Spread the blessing of God among the unfortunate, by distributing zabiha meat to the needy, call us or stop by to choose your Sadqua animal.

Special Occasions:

If you are celebrating any special event such as graduation, wedding, or if you have a large get together and would like to treat your guests to tasty zabiha meat, call us and we will help you choose the right animal for the occasion.

At Hamza Farm we listen to what our customers say! simply let us know how you want the meat to be cut and prepared and we will cut according to your instructions, pack it and get you on your way.